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Grief Counseling & Coaching


The only constant in our lives is change, and we humans can be very resistant to it because change brings grief. We try our best to hold our lives in place, to no avail. The human trip ends up being pretty groundless - with joy, sorrow, anger, fear, love and inspiration all jumbled up together. From birth to death, our lives are a string of beginnings and endings, pushing and pulling on our relationships with loved ones, careers, identity, our sense of home and safety. I believe it is our ability to relax into these moments of grief and deep transition that determines our sense of peace, satisfaction, expansion and happiness. 


I bring open-hearted curiosity to my work with individuals, couples and families, encouraging an exploration of the self that leads to increased awareness and compassion. Since grief can be overwhelming, leaving us confused about where to begin, we use guided meditation and somatic inquiry to find our starting point, and then explore the various parts of ourselves, for the purpose of connecting with our core Self, the part of us that is wise and loving, and therefore can tend to the parts that feel scared, abandoned, angry, betrayed and confused. With a focus on storytelling and humor, we work on deep listening and self-expression, so that clients feel heard and appreciated in their challenges, inspiring strength, confidence and inspiration for the journey, as well as a sense of connection with all beings.

Individual - $185 / 50 minute session

Couple or Family - $195 / 50 minute session 

*sliding scale spots often available, please inquire

**There is currently a waitlist for sessions. If you would like to work with me, just let me know and I'll put you on the waitlist right away.

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