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About Wendy

Wendy Rolón, Grief Counselor & End of Life Doula

Wendy is a grief counselor whose background is in birth and death doula work. She is particularly awed by grief's ability to transform and expand our lives. A long-time supporter of those in transition, Wendy brings a calm and loving presence to any situation. She believes fervently in the healing power of meditation, being in nature, yoga, music, storytelling and laughter, and is always looking for ways to incorporate these elements into her healing practice. Wendy works with ideas from Buddhist philosophy and parts therapy to help clients grow their compassion and self-awareness

Wendy received her training with the International End of Life Doula Association and her MS in Counseling Psychology from California State University East Bay. She has three kids, three dogs, three cats and loves gardening, reading, singing and knitting.

Wendy Rolon, Grief Counselor & End of Life Doula - headshot
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